The best poster contributions will be elected by all participants at the conference.

Announcement of the recipients of the four poster prizes nominated with 250€ each will take place during the closing cremony on Wednesday.

The Poster Prize is sponsored by Roche.

As a representative of Roche, Nikolche Gjorevski presented the poster prizes to all recipients:

  • Sarah Spitz (Vienna University of Technology) for her poster „Parkinson’s Disease on a Chip: Culturing and Monitoring Human Midbrain Organoids (hMOs) Employing a Redox Cycling Sensor“
  • Renée Moerkens and Joram Mooiweer (University Medical Center Groningen) for their poster „Modeling multifactorial gastrointestinal diseases in vitro“

We had two shared poster prizes for posters with an equal number of votes:

  • Amy Cochrane (LUMC) for her poster „Developing „Vessel-on-Chip“ technology to model vascular physiology and pathophysiology using human induced pluripotent stem cells“ and Mees de Graaf (LUMC) for his poster „Scalable 3D Vessel-on-Chip model using hiPSCs derived vascular cells“
  • Johanna Chuchuy (Fraunhofer IGB) for her poster „Retina-on-a-Chip: Controlled illumination of a PDMS-free Retina-on-a-Chip for the
    proximity-culture of retinal organoids with pigment epithelial cells“ and Julia Rogal (Fraunhofer IGB) for her poster „WAT-on-a-chip: Microphysiological systems integrating human white adipose tissue“