Michael Stelzl

      8.8.1966             Born in Graz, Austria
1984 – 1989             Studies in biology at Karl-Franzens-University Graz
1986 – 1990             Research studies on nature protection and entomology at the Nature Protection Institute of the Austrian Academy of Sciences in Graz
1989 – 1992             Head of the Research Group on Endangered Species of the  Austrian Society for Nature Protection
1989 – 1992             Studies on doctoral thesis „Rearing methods for Hemerobiidae against plant sucking insects in green houses“ at the University of Salzburg
1990 – 1991             Studies on benificial insects at the Institute for Biological Plant Protection in Darmstadt, Germany
1992 – 1994             Scientific coordinator for biology and medicine at the Austrian Science Foundation (FWF), Vienna
1994 – 1995             Civil service at the Department for Hospital Hygiene at the University Clinic Graz
Since 1995              Head of the Department for Industrial Hygiene of Implementation of hygiene-programms such as HACCP in food industry, trainings in food- and hospital-hygiene, microbiological lab, research on food-moth and plant deseases.
Since 1996              Head of hygiene trainings at the Institute for Economic Advancement (WIFI) in Graz.
Since 2001             Director and CEO of HYGIENICUM, Institute for Microbiology and Hygiene-Consulting Ltd., Graz

Other qualifications:

  • Official expert for microbiology according to Austrian Food law 2006
  • Auditor for IFS Food Standard 6 (Quality Austria)
  • Auditor for HACCP (Quality Austria)
  • Lector in microbiology for college of higher education in Wels

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