Food Trends & Food Fashion

Fashion has wielded the baton on matters of identity and self-presentation for many decades.
But now food, as Hanni Rützler proclaims, has seized the mechanism for self-presentation. Food, the way we obtain our nourishment, what and when we eat, where we eat and with whom we meet to eat say more about us than the clothes we wear. Food is elevated from a life-sustaining commodity to a lifestyle-defining element. It has become the expression of a brainstorming exercise about itself. According to here: it has become the new pop.

In her annual Food Reports, Hanni Rützler analyses how far we have already travelled on the way to identifying ourselves through our food. With infinite food, spiritual food and fast food, she describes three exciting trends:

  1. In future, eating will take place at any time of day and increasingly in places that previously served quite different purposes.
  2. The growing desire for halal, kosher and vegan food lifts food to a spiritual level: food becomes a religion.
  3. Fast food is undergoing a revolution in quality: fast food must not only be fast but, above all, good.

The consequences of this change for our private lives, food businesses and the restaurant trade are already perceptible. The domestic kitchen is becoming a multifunctional, networked food station, while retailers create a street market atmosphere in supermarkets and the restaurant trade is not only returning to traditional recipes but is also finding an interesting niche in hyperpersonalisation.

With her usual clarity of analysis and countless examples from practice, Hanni Rützler takes these exciting developments into account. You are invited to take a stimulating tour of discovery through the world of daily living, retail, the restaurant trade to the future of food.

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