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Barbara Siegmund is a trained analytical chemist and achieved her university grades at Graz University of Technology. She achieved her master in chemistry 1994 and her PhD in food chemistry 1997 (both with distinction). In 2009 she achieved the venia docendi for the scientific area of food chemistry at Graz University of Technology. Barbara started her scientific career as a post-doc at the Institute of Food Chemistry and Technology at Graz University of Technology in 1997, followed by a position as a project senior scientist at the Institute of Analytical Chemistry and Food Chemistry between 2009 and 2016. Since 2016 she is assistant professor for food chemistry at the Institute of Analytical and Food Chemistry at the TU Graz.
Beginning with her PhD, she started to focus on the chemistry and the flavour of foods. At present, fruits and fruit products are in the main focus of her research, mainly investigating the flavour compounds as well as the sensory properties of the products of interest. She approaches these problems using two complementary techniques (i) sensory evaluation using sensory experts as well as untrained consumers and (ii) instrumental techniques for the identification of odour active compounds in foods, mainly using gas chromatographic techniques (in close co-operation with Erich Leitner). She is author and co-author of about 90 contributions to reviewed journals, books and conference proceedings, about 40 oral presentations as well as about 60 poster presentation at national and international conferences. Currently, she is the main organiser of the 15th Weurman Flavour Research Symposium that is going to take place in Graz in September 2017 (
Promoting sensory science in Austria in food technology, quality assurance or product development is one of Barbara’s great professional concerns. Therefore, she is co-founder of the Austrian sensory society SNÖ ( and has been the SNÖ president since 2013. She is Austrian delegate of the European Sensory Science Society E3S. During a research stay at the University of Reading, UK in 2015 she had the opportunity to take part in the ‘Flavourist Training Course’, organised by the British Society of Flavourists. The knowledge she could gain during this course allows her to even better understand the flavour of foods. Since then, she is also elected associate member of the British Society of Flavourists.
Barbara has vast teaching experience in food chemistry, sensory science as well as analytical chemistry – she has been teaching at Graz University of Technology, but also at University of Teacher Education Styria, FH Joanneum University of Applied Sciences as well as at Austrian Marketing University of Applied Sciences. For people coming from industry, she is giving courses with respect to sensory science as well food chemistry and technology as part of the TU Graz Life Long Learning program.

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