Georg Gescheidt-Demner


Georg Gescheidt-Demner studied chemistry at the university of Freiburg (Germany) obtaining his diploma in 1984 (solid-state chemistry). He then moved to the university of Basel (Switzerland) where he accomplished his PhD in the field of organic radical ions and EPR spectroscopy (1988, F. Gerson). After two years as an editor at Helvetica Chimica Acta, he returned to the university and habilitated in 1996 in Basel also strongly collaborating with Prof. A. G. Davies, FRS (UCL). He then substituted a chair in Physical Chemistry in Basel and moved to his present position as a chair at the Institute of Physical and Theoretical Chemistry at Graz University of Technology (2003).

Georg’s research is directed toward a deeper understanding of chemical reactions involving paramagnetic species, in particular radicals. The work in the fields of radical polymerization, antioxidants and electron-transfer active species is performed with the help of e.g. magnetic-resonance techniques (time-resolved EPR, NMR/CIDNP), laser-flash photolysis, and theoretical calculations.

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