Course Program

Week 1

Sunday 7. July 2019

On site registration

Informations for students for their stay in Graz

Welcome reception

Monday 8. July 2019

Scienctific background on food production including food safety and microbiology

Tuesday 9. July 2019

Excursion to Silberberg including a workshop on apple processing

Wednesday 10. July 2019

– The Butchers Experience –

A day at a local butcher with hands on for producing your own sausages and BBQ

Thursday 11. July 2019

Visit of a mushroom farm in Slovenia producing a variety of organically certified mushrooms

An excursion to a small scale wine producer. We start in different vineyards to experience the influence of the soil on the quality of the product, afterwards we visit the wine cellar and taste some wines (Weingut Kodolitsch).

Friday 12. July 2019

Free for your own plans

Saturday 13. July 2019

A beer brewing course at Anton Paar including company visit


Week 2

Monday 15. July 2019

A day in the lab of TUG ACFC

We will analyze different hop qualities and beer varieties in the aroma lab at the Institute for different quality parameters. The students will be split in smaller groups and will have access to different instruments guided by our students.

Tuesday 16. July 2019

Food trends with Hanni Rützler

Wednesday 17. July 2019

Flour production Farina Mills
Growing vegetables in an urban enviroment: Kollmann


Thursday 18. July 2019

Chutney production at Fink-Haberls delis 

Friday 19. July 2019

Final cooking experience with Johann Reisinger

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